5 Considerations To Make Before Installing Window Tint

Installing window tint is an inexpensive method of updating your car's appearance. Before you get your windows tinted, it is important that you carefully consider the style of your tint and other factors. 

Average Vs. Top Tier Tints

All tint is not created equal. If you are on a limited budget, average tint might seem like a bargain, but in the long run, it can be costly. You could wind up replacing it with new tint. 

Top tier window tints last longer and usually look better than average tint once they are installed. Your installer can help you find the right tint for your budget. 

State Laws

Some states have laws that prohibit getting tint applied to windows that are darker than a certain shade. If you get a tint that is too dark, you could end up receiving a traffic citation and have to remove it. 

Check out the tint limits for your state before having your windows completed. Your installer should be aware of the limits for your state and can direct you to the correct tints. 

Tint Positioning

Some car owners try to apply tint to every mirror and window surface on the car. Although this might seem aesthetically pleasing on some cars, it can actually hinder your ability to drive safely. 

Tint should only be applied on the rear and side windows. Tint placed on the mirrors or the windshield can be distracting and limit your view. 

UV Reflection

Tint is more than just a way to update your car's appearance and to keep the eyes of others from inside of your car, it can also help to protect your skin.

Tint that has a fair level of ultraviolet protection can help limit your exposure to harmful sunrays. Studies have shown that too much exposure to the sun can increase your risk of developing skin cancer. 

Professional Installation

Even though window tint installation kits are available in auto supply stores, you should rely on a professional to install yours. 

Not only will the pro help you choose the right tint, but he or she will ensure that it is properly installed. By doing it yourself, you could end up with tint that bubbles up and comes up at the tips.

Window tint installation is usually inexpensive, but not taking into consideration the above concerns could result in having to pay for the removal and reapplication of the tint.