3 Excellent Reasons To Have Your Sod Delivered

If you would like to have sod for your home, a great option is to have your sod delivered to you. This article is going to discuss 3 excellent reasons to have your sod professionally delivered.

It Will Be Prepared For Transportation 

It is very important that sod is properly prepared for delivery. This ensures that you get high quality sod when it arrives at your home. The first step in preparing your sod is to use a sod harvester to remove it from the ground. The sod is going to be amply moist before this removal process to ensure that it stays healthy and strong during delivery. The sod harvester is going to carefully cut the sod up from the ground and the machine is actually going to roll it up in small rolls. These rolls are all loaded onto pallets and secured into place. 

They Will Be Carefully Unloaded From The Truck

Sod not only needs to be carefully prepared for transportation so that it won't dry out and die on the truck, but it also needs to be carefully loaded and unloaded onto the truck to ensure that it isn't damaged. Once the sod has been removed from the ground and prepared for delivery, it is going to be loaded onto pallets. These pallets are then going to need to be loaded onto the back of the truck for transportation. While doing this yourself could be incredibly difficult and time consuming, professional sod movers have the method down to a science. They use a forklift that is attached to the truck to both load and unload the sod. This fork lift allows them to lift the incredibly heavy load without anyone getting hurt and helps them to steadily and carefully lift the pallet up and down. 

You Can Have Other Necessary Products Delivered With Your Sod 

If you are going to have sod put down, you may also need some other materials as well to ensure that your sod has a healthy start. These materials may include things like top soil and fertilizer. A lot of the time, when you have sod delivered to your home, you can also have these other materials delivered at the same time. This is going to not only help your sod to grow and thrive, but it can also save you money on unnecessary delivery fees because it is all coming on the same truck. 

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